Can I create more than 1 post at a time?

Yes! Up to 10 posts can be created at once by adding multiple images:

1. While viewing the board, click + Add to Board.

2. Click Add Image, and then Upload Image.

3. Now, select up to 10 images you'd like to upload from your own device. Each image will be associated with a separate post. 

4. Ensure you toggle to Multiple posts, at the top of the page:


Add the text associated with each post in the boxes to the right of the images. This is optional, since a board post can also just be a photo.


Remove an image by clicking the blue link at the bottom of each image. Please note that removing an image will also remove that image's text.


Add more images by clicking Add More Images near the top of the page.


5. Once your images have been uploaded and you've added the optional text portion of your post, click Post.

Once posted, each image and its associated text will be added to the board as separate posts:



For more on how to build an image collage

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