Default Settings for Special Occasion, Company Event, & Shout Out Boards


When you create a board on a business or enterprise plan, you are asked to select a board type between Special Occasion, Company Event, and Shout Out:

Special Occasion: Celebrate someone on a special occasion (birthdays & celebrations, congrats & praise, farewells, sympathy & get wells, and more). 

Company Event: Bring colleagues together for team- or company-wide initiatives and campaigns (heritage & identity recognition month celebrations, ERG event documentation, costume contests, gratitude month, holiday cheer, cute pets).

Shout Out: Back-and-forth appreciation between many colleagues on a single board (create these peer-to-peer recognition boards on a quarterly basis or choose your own cadence).  

Depending on your selection, there are a few differences in settings by default:

Default Settings That Differ by Board Type

  Special Occasion Company Event Shout Out
New post placement Bottom Top  Top
Likes/Comments Off On On
Tagging Off On  On

Post Timestamps

Off Off On

Note that these can always be adjusted for a particular board from the settings panel. 



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