Adding a Custom Field

Custom fields are information that is collected when users add a message onto a board and that information added can be exported later. Custom fields answers are not displayed on the board. 

An example of a custom field you may want to add is something like "What department are you apart of?" or "What region are you located in?".


To add a custom field to your business or enterprise plan board, follow these steps: 

  • Go to your board settings — gear icon on the upper right of your board. 
  • On the settings pop-up scroll down to the Data and Analytics section and select Add Custom Field: 
  • When adding a custom field you can make answering required or optional. You can also select the option for folks to type in a short  answer, choose from multiple choices, or select checkboxes, or an option to collect a specific email: 
  • Once a custom field has been added, click Save. Contributors will see the custom field on their end when adding a message: 


When you are ready to see responses for the custom field added, you can go to your board settings and select Export Data — this will produce a CSV for you that will include answers to your custom field, contributor name, creation date, etc. 

Up to two custom fields can be added on a Kudoboard. 

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