How does the Global setting work?

What is the Global board setting?

When a board is set to global, that board will be visible on the dashboard of all employees who sign in to your organization's subdomain as a user. In other words, setting a board to global makes it universally accessible to all your employees.

Setting a board as global does not automatically send out any emails or invites.

Who can set a board to Global?

The global board setting is only available on business and enterprise plans, and it can be set by users that have the "org admin" role.

What's the purpose of the Global board setting? 

If you are setting up a broader campaign / event or shout out board and want to make that particular board more prominent and accessible across your organization, the global setting can be a great way to increase visibility. 

How do I set a board to Global?

-Open the board.

-Click the Settings button that looks like a gear.

-Scroll to the Administration section and toggle on Make Global.


-Toggling on Make Global will cause a prompt to show to confirm if you would like to make the board global. Select OK.


-Success! The board is now global and can be accessed in the Global section of the dashboard by all registered users in your Kudoboard organization.


Tip: Add a post to the board early on, either before setting the board to global or soon after. This is a great way to demonstrate to your team an example of a board post and increases the chances that teammates will post.



How-To Video Transcription:

To make your board Global, navigate to your board then open your board settings (the gear icon in the upper right hand corner). In your board settings you have the option to make your board global. When you toggle this option on, you see a disclaimer sharing that all users will have access to the board once you make it global.. To make this change, click OK. Once you make a board Global, all users who log into your organization's Kudoboard site will have access to that Global board under their Global dashboard.

This setting is especially helpful for shout out boards, company event boards or any board that you want users to have easy access to without having to invite a wide audience separately.

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