Adding Additional Board Administrators


Adding more board admins is available on business and enterprise subscriptions, as well as Memorial boards. This feature can be enabled by the board creator or an organizational admin to allow other users to manage a board.

To add another board admin as the board creator follow these steps: 

  • When viewing a board click Settings (gear icon on the top right).
  • Scroll to the Administration section on the pop-up panel.
  • On the Board Admin Section click Add Board Admin.
  • Enter the email address or addresses of the additional admin or admins. 

Once the email address is entered the additional registered users will be able to assist you in managing your board — inviting contributors, scheduling delivery, etc. 



How-To Video Transcription:

If you want to include another board admin with the same edit access as the board creator, they will have the ability to edit or delete posts on the board. They can also change board settings and modify the board's background, recipient, or delivery date. All these actions can be performed within the board settings. To get started, click on the gear icon to open your settings. Then, for business and Enterprise-related boards, select "Add Board Admin" and enter the name of an existing user on your site. For other boards where admins can be added, input the name of an existing Kudoboard user. Afterward, save your changes. Once the person logs in, they will have full edit access to the board. It's important to note that board admins can only be added to select boards.

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