Engagement Reminders 

To get the most value out of your shout out and company event/campaign/initiative boards on business and enterprise plans, it's helpful to keep users proactively engaged with the board while it's open for posting. We recommend you enable Engagement Reminders for these types of boards, where you'll have the choice to send notifications via email or MS Teams/Slack if you've connected:

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Inactivity Reminders

In the Engagement Reminders panel under the Email tab, the board creator/admin can enable Inactivity Reminders for all invitees and participants on a board. This feature allows you to set how often a reminder email is sent to users who haven't posted over the past interval, and when you'd like those reminder emails to stop being sent.

This feature encourages participation from all invitees to interact, and is especially great for company event/campaign/initiative boards.

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Real-Time Activity Updates

In the Engagement Reminders panel under the Slack/Teams tabs (dependent on which you've connected with), the board creator/admin can enable Real-Time Activity notifications. Here, you can determine which Slack/Teams channel the notifications are sent to when new posts are added to the board.

This feature allows users to easily browse new content on the board after receiving the notification through Slack/Teams, and is especially great for maintaining engagement on shout out boards.

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