Company Events: Examples & Best Practices

Company Events


Bring colleagues together for team or company-wide initiatives and campaigns. 

Company Event options are endless. Are you already planning an initiative that could benefit from a reflective space? Are you collecting testimonials around Valentines Day that highlight what folks love about your organization?

Typically, admins on business and enterprise plans create a handful of these boards a year to engage larger segments of their organization, or event the whole company, around a common theme.


Check out these Company Event ideas to get inspired

Applicable year-round:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives
  • Town Hall Appreciation: Prioritize recognition and inclusion by sharing praise at your next Town Hall.
  • Enhance ERG Events
  • Fundraiser & Marketing tool
  • Office Bulletin board
  • Work/Life Balance board
  • Colleague Appreciation board: The board could play live in your office lobby or embed the board/slideshow on your intranet.
  • Company Memories or Anniversaries
  • Your Remote Workspace: Colleagues share a photo of their at home office set ups.
  • Team Offsite Stories and Photos: Highlight and share memories from company get-togethers!
  • How to Make Your Day 1% Better Board: Address morale by asking folks to share how they make their days just 1% better. 
  • This Is How I Self-Care: Individuals share ideas on how to take good care of themselves.
  • Be Well: Record your company fitness challenge milestones and goals.
  • What’s one thing you wish you’d known your first week or What’s one thing you learned your first week board: Invite all new-hires to add to the same board. New-hires receive advice and get to share theirs!
  • Leadership Goodbyes: Give the gift of authentic appreciation when a leader within your org moves onto what's next.

Season-specific boards:

  • Costume Contests
  • Yearbooks
  • Holiday Cheer Wall
  • Ugly Sweater Competition
  • Welcome to a New Class
  • End of Year Reflections
  • New Years Resolutions
  • Year in Review
  • Graduations: Invite professors, fellow students, family, and alumni to create a congratulatory Kudoboard for the graduating class.
  • Reunions: Allow alums to re-engage with each other at reunion time.
  • My Seasons Share: Colleagues share their plans outside of work for the upcoming months. 
  • Pet Month: Who doesn't love a moment to share about their pet?

What makes a successful Company Event board? 

  • Add a Direction Post
  • Before inviting contributors, add a few quality example posts to showcase the type of engagement you'd like to see on the board
  • Encourage users to bookmark the board for easy access
  • Set a cover image for your board, which populates in board invites
  • Move a handful of exemplary posts to the top of your board, and pin them there to showcase great engagement
  • Make your board Global 
  • Embed the board in your intranet to highlight your initiative 
  • If applicable, tag individual teammates or groups to notify them directly when they're mentioned
  • React and comment on posts 
  • Play the board as a slideshow in your office lobby or at an event, and show the QR code invite for easy posting
  • Print the QR code invite to your board, and display prints around your office or event for easy posting
  • Enable engagement reminders on your board through Slack or Teams integrations or by Email
    • Notifications regarding new posts and tags are sent through those channels, as well as reminders to post for users who have been inactive 

Common features utilized on Company Event boards

  • Proactive moderation: board admins review posts before they go live
  • Custom fields: collect additional data from contributors
  • Add additional board admins
  • Hashtag your core values
  • Review board metrics to understand engagement 
  • Export board data to analyze custom fields results & other board engagement data (board settings> export data)
  • Hide posts: Reveal all posts at once when the time is right, and keep them hidden for contributors in the meantime
    • Note that more engagement may come from revealed posts, as contributors tend to mirror the quality posts they see on a board


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Curious about the default settings for this board category? Check out this resource.

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