How do I invite contributors to my Kudoboard?

We offer a few different options for inviting contributors to your board. To access them, go into the Kudoboard and click "Invite Contributors" from the face icon above the title. There are three options for sharing: 

1. To share the link: Under the Link tab click the blue copy button to copy and paste the link for sharing. This url can be shared via email, messaging services, social media, or sent via text to any smart phone that has access to the internet.

2. To share via Facebook (only available on non-Business accounts): Click the blue Invite via Facebook button. This will open up a pop up window where you can send the link via Facebook Messenger to your network of friends. Please note that at this time you may not able to send this link to five or more friends via Facebook Messenger at once (Facebook blocks people from sending multiple links). As a workaround, you could post the link to a Facebook Group rather than sending it to individual contributors on Messenger.

3. To share via email: Enter a list of email addresses to invite along with a personal message explaining the board to your invitees.  You can generate this list from your email client and then copy/paste it directly (we will parse out all the extra, unnecessary characters).The email that will be sent is generated from our system, and you can select the Email Preview button at the bottom see an example. Select whether or not you'd like contributors to see each other's email addresses on the invitation email and then click the blue invite button below. 

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