Archiving/deleting a User on Business & Enterprise plans

To archive/delete a user from your plan because they are no longer with your organization, or if you want to lower your user count, follow these steps:

  • Click the settings (gear icon) on the upper right hand side of your Dashboard, and choose Admin Panel from the dropdown, then navigate to the Users tab.
  • Select the name/email address of the user you want to archive.
  • Click the trash icon next to their name.
  • Click Archive/Delete User.

When a user is archived, the content previously added by them remains available on the account. Archived users are able to reregister if Self-Registration is enabled in the account settings. As an org admin, you may re-enable a user's email address by clicking the archived tab > restore user.  

When a user is deleted, all of their information (posts they've made and boards they've created) is deleted. For this reason, our recommendation is generally to archive users instead of deleting them. 


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