How Does the Automations Feature Work?

Automations is a feature available on Pro & Enterprise level plans that, when enabled and setup, will create boards for birthdays and work anniversaries in your organization automatically. This feature uses birthdays and work anniversaries of registered users on your plan (added by Org Admins). 

NOTE: Boards will only be automatically created for birthdays and work anniversaries that are 7+ days out from the date the automation is created and turned on

To setup automations

1. Login as an Org Admin.

2. On the left-hand side of your Dashboard, under the Admin category, click Automations

3. Click Set up Automations. 

If you have Automations set up already, boards created via Automations will show here, and you'll have the option to Manage Automations

4. Alternatively, you can navigate to the Automations page via the Admin Panel.  Click the settings icon on the upper right-hand side of your Dashboard and choose Admin Panel from the dropdown.

5. Navigate to the Automations tab. Once in this tab, click Setup to the right of the automation that you'd like to create.

Note: If you have already set up Automations, you'll see the following view where you can choose to go to Settings or Edit template by clicking the gear icon

Note: By default Birthdays and Work Anniversary boards will be created on an annual cadence, but for Work Anniversaries, you can choose custom intervals to celebrate the important milestone years in your organization (for example, years 1, 5, 10 & 15). 

Click the settings (gear) icon next to Work Anniversaries and choose Customize intervals.

Switch the interval option from Every year, to Specify years, and enter the years of your choice separated by commas. Each time you enter a comma, the interval will transition into a blue "bubble" that you can delete by clicking the "x" should you make a mistake or change your mind. Click Apply to confirm.

Read the pop-up notification carefully, as all previous settings will be cleared should you switch intervals. Click Create automations to confirm. 

You'll then be able to customize each interval by clicking Setup next to each one.

6. After clicking Setup for either automation type, you will be taken to the automation's settings page where you can do the following: 

Customize the board template

  • Enter a board title, and add a dynamic title (pulls the first and/or last name of the recipient automatically). You can use @FirstName and/or @LastName by typing "@" and selecting the field you'd like to use. This will only apply if the first and last name fields of the recipient are filled out in the Users tab of the Admin Panel.
  • Choose to use a default background for all boards - click "Select default background" to choose your background which will be used on all boards created with this template. 

    Or, randomize backgrounds for each created board - click "Select randomized backgrounds" to select multiple backgrounds, where each board created with this template will have a background randomly selected from your chosen backgrounds. 
  • Add a post that will appear on every board created via Automations. Keep in mind that this post will appear on each board created with this template. For this reason, you'll want to keep the post general and be sure not to include specifics, such as an employee name. 
  • Click Advanced Settings to view additional options regarding administration, appearance, data and analytics, and extra features (these are the board settings that normally show in the settings panel of boards created on a Business plan). 

Manage Settings

  • Choose a board creator -- the individual to whom the board will be assigned when created. You can add a Custom board creator of your choice, who will be listed as the creator for all boards created with this automation. Or, choose Manager from the dropdown to automatically assign that individual's Manager as the board creator (listed or added in the Users tab of the Admin Panel).
  • See how many users will be included in the automation (receive a board for that life event), and how many users are missing data and will not be included. If you want to include these users in the automation, you can update their information in the Users tab of the Admin Panel or via spreadsheet upload. To ensure that users are included, make sure the relevant information is listed under their user (ex. birthday date, if you want them included in the birthdays automation).

  • Choose specific users to exclude. Note: Individual Users can exclude themselves from Automations via their Account settings (this is helpful for users who wish to opt out of milestone celebrations). 
  • Pick a time and timezone for all created boards to be delivered.
  • Choose how boards should be delivered.
    • Remind the assigned board creator to invite contributors a week before the board is delivered - best for boards where you'd like others to contribute before the board is delivered.
    • Or, don't remind the board creator, and send boards to the recipients directly - best for boards where you don't want others to contribute to the board before it is delivered.

Be sure to click Save at the bottom of the settings page any time you make a change.  

Once an automation is setup you can toggle it on and off from the Automations tab in the Admin Panel:

Or, from that automation's settings page







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