Brand Media: Adding Custom Images and GIFs

On enterprise and pro plans Org Admins can upload custom photos and gifs to their organization's brand library for selection during the add a post process.

Oftentimes, brand libraries consist of core value designs, company logos, favorite organizational images/GIFs etc. This way, admins can customize the look and feel of their site to further personalize the user experience.  

To add custom brand images and GIFs:

1. Log in to the account as an Org Admin and navigate to the Brand Assets tab of the Admin Panel: gear icon > Admin Panel > Brand Assets. Then choose the Media subtab. 

2. Click Browse to upload images and GIFs directly from your device (don't forget to click Save changes) after uploading.

3. Once you save an image or GIF it will appear in your Library under the picker. You can toggle between your images and GIFs using the blue toggle button:

This media will then be available for all users to select from when posting by choosing Brand Images under Add an image and Brand GIFs under Add a GIF:


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