Analytics (Site Metrics)

NOTE: On a Business plan you can access the Overview tab to view posts, boards, and post engagements, as well as the Board Activity tab. However, additional information in the Overview tab as well as the User Activity, Thank-Yous, and Gifting tabs are only available on our Pro and Enterprise plans.


To see the number of boards created and the number of posts added on your site visit the Analytics tab ( in the Admin Panel.  

On the Analytics page, you can select a date range to see information specific to a time frame selected, download the data of the selected tab as a CSV file at any time (downward arrow icon), as well as toggle between the tabs to see different plan data:

The Overview tab provides an overall summary of posts and boards created during the selected time frame (see above screenshot), total users, usage by board type, top hashtags, gifting data, Thank-Yous sent, etc.



The Board Activity tab shows board information on the individual board level and allows you to see all the boards created in the date range selected, providing details for those boards such as board type, creator, creator email, recipient(s), recipient(s) email, creation date, number of posts, and when the last post was added.

The User Activity tab shows data for boards created, boards received, posts created, tagged in posts, gift cards sent, the amount of those gift cards, gift cards received, and the total gift card amount received per user (partial screenshot below). 

The Thank-Yous tab will show all boards where a thank-you was sent by the board recipient to contributors via the Send Thanks page, the recipient, the recipient's email, and the thank-you message that they crafted.

The Gifting tab will show all boards where a gift card was collected and delivered, the board creator, the creator's email, the recipient, the recipient's email, and the total gift card amount collected.

You can click the arrow to the left of each board title to see the gift card contributor's names, email addresses, and the amount they contributed.

Tip: Create welcome boards so that your team has a fun and easy way to greet new employees. Also,  consider exploring our bulk creation feature, which facilitates quickly creating many boards at once -- great for onboarding a large team.

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