Where can I review overall board metrics?

Access Organizational Level Board Information

Please note that organizational level board information can only be accessed by Org Admins. This information is available on upgraded business, pro and enterprise plans as well as business trials.

To access this information, in the Admin Panel select the Analytics tab. 

Here, you can click the Overview tab to see the total posts on all boards created, as well as the number of boards created, and post engagements (reactions, comments, and shares), during a specific time frame (last 7 days, 30 days, 3 months, etc.). If you change the time frame, click Update to refresh the tab, and click the downward arrow icon to export the data as a CSV file. 

You can also switch over to the Board Activity tab to view the following for individual boards: 

  • Board title - links directly to the board
  • Board Type (Birthday & Celebrations, Sympathy & Get Well, Shout Out, etc.)
  • Board creator name
  • Board creator email address
  • Recipient(s) name(s)
  • Recipient(s) email address(s)
  • Creation date
  • Number of posts
  • Latest post date

Just like in the Overview tab, you can set a time frame to view, click Update to refresh the page (if you change the default time frame, or want to switch to another), and click the downward arrow icon to download the data as a CSV file. You can also search for a board using the search bar. 

Note: To see all board metrics for a specific board, scroll all the way to the right of the table and click the eye icon next to the desired board. 

Tip: If you're seeing that many of the boards in your organization tend to be the same kind of board, such as birthday boards (which are great!), consider creating work anniversary boards to increase engagement and boost morale. 


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