Adding a Custom Background on a Business, Pro or Enterprise Plan

Adding custom backgrounds is available on these plans. An org admin for the business account can add a custom background by going to Admin Panel > Brand Assets > Backgrounds.

In the backgrounds subtab, you can select header color, font color, and background color — or upload a background image if you prefer (select Image to upload your own background photo). 

Custom backgrounds that you create will be added to your Library

And can then be selected by anyone creating a board on your plan

For an uploaded background image 2000 (W) x 1400 (L) or larger works well.

A seamless image also works well regardless of the aspect ratio of a particular user's device. But if a seamless background doesn’t make sense, then you may just want your artwork to show up more prominently in the center of the image (so it will be visible regardless of a user's screen size). 

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