How do I manage users, change organization wide settings, and make payments?

Administrative settings can be changed from your Admin Panel. You must be an Org Admin to access the Admin Panel. Other Org Admins in your organization can update your user status from User to Org Admin upon request.

  • To access the Admin Panel, click in to the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of your Dashboard and select Admin Panel.
  • Selecting Admin Panel will take you to the Users tab, where users can be added, edited, and removed:
  • Click the Settings tab to review and edit the settings for your organization:Screen_Shot_2022-11-02_at_3.43.37_PM.png
  • Click the Site Theme tab to add logos that are specific to your organization:Screen_Shot_2022-11-02_at_3.46.06_PM.png
  • Click Backgrounds to add custom backgrounds for your organization's use:
  • Click Metrics to review account usage data:Screen_Shot_2022-11-02_at_3.51.43_PM.png
  • Click the Integrations tab to connect to Slack or Teams.Screen_Shot_2022-11-02_at_3.53.19_PM.png
  • Click the Plan tab to make payments, update payment information, and review your renewal date:Screen_Shot_2022-11-02_at_3.55.54_PM.png
  • Click Receipts to view purchases:Screen_Shot_2022-11-02_at_3.58.23_PM.png

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