How do I use Kudoboard's groups feature?

Kudoboard's groups feature -- available only on business, pro and enterprise plans -- streamlines the process of tags, invitations, and deliveries involving multiple users.

Accessing Groups

If you are an Org Admin with your organization, access groups by selecting the Groups tab in the Admin Panel.

All other users registered with your organization's account can access groups via the Groups tab in My Account.



Creating a Group

-Click the Create a group button.

-Enter the group name, such as Sales Team, Product Management, or Healthcare Superstars.

-Then, enter the users who should be part of the group, searching by name or email address. Both active users registered with your organization's Kudoboard account, and those who are not yet registered can be added to the group. The list of group users can be edited at any time after creating the group.

Note: If you invite individuals who are not yet registered on the account, they will not add to your total active user count until they register. 


Please note that upon clicking Create, the group will be visible to all users that are registered with your organization's account.

To Add Users After a Group Has Been Created:

-Click on the group where you'd like to add users and select Add user(s).


-Search for the user by name or email, select the user, and select Save.


-Please note that if there are boards that are scheduled to be delivered to this group (in this example, the group labeled Design), that the newly added users will also be delivered those boards. This is also true if there are boards where invitations are scheduled to be sent to the group.

-Also, please note that invitations and boards that have already been sent to the group will not be sent to the newly added users.

Adding a Group as a Board Recipient

Delivering a board to a group? Similarly to adding individual users as board recipients, a group can be added as a board recipient during board creation as well as from the board's delivery settings.

To add a group as a board recipient during board creation:

-After (optionally) entering the occasion, click Add a group.


-Select the group you'd like to add as a recipient from the dropdown menu.

-Optionally, click the eye icon to see who is in the group -- the list of users in the group can be edited from the board settings drawer after creating the board.


-Proceed with creating the board.

To add a group as a board recipient from the board's delivery settings:

-To reach the board's delivery settings, either click the Schedule Delivery button that looks like a paper airplane or the Settings button that looks like a gear. If clicking the Settings button, to the right of Board Delivery select Edit.

-Select Add a group, from the dropdown list select the group you'd like to add as a recipient, and select Save changes. Optionally, click the eye icon to the right of the group to review and edit the group users who will be board recipients.


Inviting a Group

Inviting a group to post on a board is similar to inviting individuals to post on a board.

To invite a group:

-Click the Invite contributors button on the board that looks like a person and select the Email tab. (Currently, all group invitations are sent via the Email tab, though group invitations via Slack and Teams will be available later this year.)



-Type the name of the group, and then click the result. The number in parentheses refers to how many users are in the group. The list of users will be able to be reviewed and edited in the next step.


-Clicking the result -- in the above example, Product (3) -- will show a list of all users currently in the group. 


-Click the X next to a user's name if you'd prefer that the invitation not be sent to that user. If you plan to set Jen Smith as a board recipient, for example, it will work well to exclude Jen Smith from receiving an invitation to post on the board.

-After reviewing the list of users in the group, select Confirm group and proceed with inviting contributors to post on the board.


Tagging a Group

Note: You can not tag a group if your plan is integrated with Slack or Teams. However, we are looking into adding this functionality in the future. 

Tagging a group is similar to tagging one user.

To tag a group in a board post:

-Select Add to board to start creating the post.

-Type or select @ and begin entering the group's name, such as Design. 


-Select the group that populates and click the check mark.

-Once you've added text and/or media to your post, click Post.

-The users in the tagged group will receive a notification.

-Optionally, click on the tagged group before OR after adding a post to see the list of users in the group.


Tip: Make a post extra special by using our image collage feature.

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